Here you can find the lastest version of raiddetect.

Raiddetect is a program to find vendor software RAID superblocks, analyze
them for validity, group them by RAID vendor and (later on) set them up
via MD/DM. It is small (~35kB compiled statically against klibc) and
designed to be run from initrd/initramfs.

raiddetect now supports the following metadata formats:

-Promise RAID
-Highpoint RAID
-Medley RAID
-Intel RAID

If you want support for another metadata format, please tell me which and
I'll try to add it. Patches are preferred ;-) My current wishlist is:
- Adaptec ASR HostRAID

NEWSFLASH: raiddetect has been incorporated into dmraid which will be
available for testing real soon now.
Dmraid has the ability to set up all vendor RAID layouts using dm and
automatic probing during early bootup. Please note that both raiddetect
and dmraid are NOT inside the kernel, meaning you have to use an initrd
or initramfs if your root partition is on such a vendor RAID partition.

The raiddetect patch below applies cleanly against udev-023.
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