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Research and Science
Scientific American - US science mag with easy explanations
GEO-Magazin - miracles of our planet, many pictures
Spektrum der Wissenschaft - German science mag, much text
Computer science dept. - of the University of Tübingen

Linux Weekly News - weekly overview of Linux Kernel development and related topics
IP Personality - simulates network behaviour of different operating systems with Linux
MetaGer - queries many search engines simultaneously
Google Groups - search engine for newsgroups, known before as DejaNews
Coreboot (formerly known as LinuxBIOS) - A free BIOS/EFI replacement I'm working on

Julian Weyer - he made the original design of my homepage
Ben Landes - the ultimate judge about Design, currently studying Aerospace Engineering at University Stuttgart
Kevin Roettger - Mac expert, distributes via his company Blazing Mouse Software e.g. iSleep, a fully featured sleep timer and music fader for MacOS X

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